The “Green Leaf Seal of Approval” is a manufacturer’s trademark. It is a designation that can be applied to products that meet the standard for environmentally preferred ingredients and packaging while meeting the objective of efficient contamination removal.


99% of the raw materials used in the product are considered green by one or more of the following criteria: Ingredients are approved or are on an approved list of at least one third party organization; Ingredients do not appear on the 49 CFR list of hazardous materials: Ingredients appear in formulas approved by at least one third party organization.


The overriding objective of the green standard is to assure the maximum removal of contamination from our living environment while introducing the minimum amount of chemical to accomplish this task. To introduce multiple applications or concentrations of a product to accomplish the goal of contamination removal while introducing a considerable quantity of chemical, simply because it is labeled green, goes against the very objective of green standards. Consequently you will find that products carrying the Green Leaf Seal of Approval are the most effective in contamination removal with a minimum of chemical usage.



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