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HWE (hot water extraction rinse):
This can be anything from a 1 gallon spotter with a small water pump and recovery tank to a truck mounted unit.

Carpet Shark: Pros Choice manufactures a spatula specifically designed for spotting and stain removal. If one is not available a plastic knife or bone scraper can be substituted.

Plastic Sheet: Some reactions require dwell time. Plastic sheeting such as furniture tabs or saran wrap extend the dwell time and increase the reaction of some processes.

Some procedures may be completed using a variety of products that fall under the same category. When a specific product is followed by one of the terms below either of the products can be used in the spotting procedure.

Solvent: Pro-Solve Gel, Ink Out, Citra Quick or PBS (Plant Based Solvent).  For smaller deposits that require dwell time use Pro Solve. For larger areas use either Citra Quick or PBS.

Reducer: Red Relief or Red 1.

Oxidizer: Stain Magic, Stain 1 or Urine Stain Remover (for the most aggressive reaction use Stain Magic)

Digester: Pro-Zyme or Dirt Chaser. Dwell time is important when dealing with enzyme spotters.