Chemical Name



Applicable List

Glycol Ether DM                        107-21-1               Coalescent                       CA Prop 65

2-Butoxyethanol                        111-76-2               Solvent                              Not Applicable

Glycol Ether EB                         111-7                     Solvent                            Not Applicable

Alumina Silicate                         12141-46-7          Abrasive                            Not Applicable

Sodium Hydroxide                     1310-73-2             Builder                              CA Non-Cancer Hazards  EU Fragrance Allergen

EDTA Sodium Salt                     13235-36-4           Sequesterant                   Not Applicable

Borax                                        1330-43-4             Builder                              Not Applicable

Ammonium Hydroxide               1336-21-6            pH adjust                          CA Non-Cancer Hazards

Ammonium Bifluoride                1341-49-7            pH adjust                           Not Applicable

Alumium Oxide                          1344-28-1            Abrasive                            Not Applicable

Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate            151-21-3               Surfactant                         Not Applicable

Sodium Percarbonate               15630-89-4           Oxidizer                            Not Applicable

Sodium Carbonate                    497-19-8              Builder                              Not Applicable

Sulfamic Acid                            5329-14-6             pH adjust                          Not Applicable

Propylene Glycol                       57-55-0                Evaporation Modifier         Not Applicable

D'Limonene                              5989-27-5             Solvent                             EU Fragrance Allergen

Color Dye                                 64742-53-6           Colorant                            Not Applicable

LOBS                                        64742-88-7           Solvent                             Not Applicable

Isopropyl Alcohol                      67-63-0                 Solvent                             CA Non-Cancer Hazards

Aceotone                                  67-64-1                 Solvent                             ATSDR Neurotoxicants

Sodium Citrate                         68-04-2                 Builder/Corrosion Inhibitor Not Applicable

Disodium Trioxisillicate              6834-92-0            Builder                              CA Non-Cancer Hazards

Sodium Metasilicate                  6834-92-0            Builder                              Not Applicable

Phosporic Acid                         7664-38-2             pH adjust                           CA Non-Cancer Hazards

Sodium Metabisulfite                7681-57-4             Reducer                            EU Fragrance Allergens

Hydrogen Peroxide                  7722-84-1             Oxidizer                             EU Fragrance Allergens EU Respiratory Sensitizers

Sodium Tripolyphosphate         7758-29-4             Builder                              Not Applicable

Sodium Thiosulfate                   7772-98-7             Reducer                           Not Applicable

Citric Acid                                 77-92-9                 pH adjust                          Not Applicable

Parafin Wax                              8002-71-2             Carrier                              Not Applicable

Naptha Heavy Alkylate             8052-41-3             Solvent                              Not Applicable

Triton X-100                             9002-93-1             Surfactant                         Not Applicable

Triton X                                    9036-19-5             Surfactant                         Not Applicable

Naphthalene                             91-20-3                 Solvent                             CA Prop 65 IRIS Neurotoxicants

Color Dye                                 64742-53-6           Colorant                            Not Applicable

Pro's Choice, the choice for carpet cleaning, stain removal, odor control, and stone, tile and grout cleaning.

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