Refresh applies the power of blended citrus extracts to effectively remove difficult odor contamination.  Use Refresh to restore Upholstery, Carpet, Draperies and etc.  Refresh may be used on all water cleanable Upholstery, Carpet, and Draperies after testing colorfastness.  You may also use Refresh to boost your detergent solutions.



Refresh is a multi-phase product that you dilute with water before using.

For heavy contamination:  Dilute Refresh 17 to 1. That's 7 oz. into 1 gal. of water.

For moderate contamination:  Dilute Refresh 25 to 1. That's 5 oz. into 1 gal. of water.  As a detergent booster add 1 oz. per 10 gal. of detergent solution.



To refresh upholstery: Apply a light even spray to the soiled fabric. Agitate gently yet thoroughly with a soft brush and wipe away moisture and contamination with a clean white terry towel. Treat all sections evenly and completely.

To refresh carpet:  Apply sufficient solution to reach all contamination.  Agitate to assure penetration then blot away moisture with a folded white terry towel.  For larger areas use hot water extraction.

NOTE:  Refresh is multi-phase so... Shake before using and periodically during application..


Refresh ‘Limonine Ideally suited for upholstery.  Gives us odor modification with the added benefit solvents present in the formulation to break down oily substances such as body oils.  Of the odor modifying products it can be the best choice as a pre-cleaning deodorizer.   Encompasses more than urine contamination but general body odor as well.


Refresh HD Has all the benefits of Refresh ‘Limonine plus has added benefit of concentrated modifiers and masking agents to address more severe odor contamination.



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